"Airedales and Crewmen of Guadalcanal" Now Available In Print

My friend Col. John Gunn, USMC- ret., provided us with the following info:

Airedales and Crewmen of Guadalcanal was copyrighted in 2001 and have an ISBN number of 9717433-0-4. Although a work of fiction, it reflects personal experiences of myself, a WWII veteran, as well as those of a dozen of other veterans who were gracious enough to share their memories. This work is also a culmination of years of research at the Marine Corps Historical Research Center, the U.S. Archives, the Naval Institute and the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. The photographs contained within were collected from actual air combat missions in Marine Corps Aviation.

These historically accurate facts have been meshed with a tale of the first Marine air groups who arrived at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal . Although set in August of 1942, the lives of these young men, their fears, hopes, loves and courage are timeless in nature and timely, given the state of the world today. Preparation for their mission on the Avenger torpedo bomber, named "The Heavenly Sky," reveals the gamut of human emotions against a backdrop of war. These, I believe, provide the foundation for a valued historical movie.

Patrick Delligatti

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