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We were dirt poor during the Great Depression, however, we did have enough dirt to grow corn to feed our stock (mules) and feed ourselves with grits, hominy, and cornbread. We would take shelled corn to the nearby grinder and pay the attendant one third of the corn that we brought to grind the corn for grits and for cornmeal. The corn was made into hominy by my mother. This is how it was accomplished. 

Homemade Hominy

2 qt. dry field corn

8 qt. water

2 oz. lye

Place in an enameled kettle and boil vigorously for 1/2 hour, then let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse several times with hot water, then rinse with cool water until you can handle the hominy to rub off the dark tips of the kernels. Float away the tips. Add water to cover hominy one-inch and boil 5 minutes.

Drain and repeat 4 times, then cook 1/2 hour or until kernels are tender.

Pack in 12 sterilized pint jars; add 1/2 teaspoon salt to each jar. Cover with boiling water; adjust lids and process in pressure canner, 240 degrees at 10 pounds pressure, 60 minutes. (If using quart jars, process 70 minutes.) This recipe will yield 12 pints of hominy.


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