Homemade Lye-Soap
For cooking outdoors in a kettle
Lye-soap was always used in our Tennessee log-house while I was growing up during the Great Depression. We made it from the byproduct of the hogs we butchered for our meat. The hogs also gave us lard and chitlings. We had to make do with what we grew on the farm. We could not afford toothpaste to brush our teeth so we used salt and baking soda. I never had a cavity until several years after I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. When I got into the Marine Corps boot camp, they gave us so much that I thought I was on vacation with pay. We had store-bought soap, toothpaste, bed with a good mattress to sleep on, roof over our heads that didn't leak, and all the good food we could eat. We even had electric lights and a radio.

32 pounds lard

16 quarts soft water

8 cans lye

Boil 2 hours and then add 1 more gallon of water. Stir and remove fire from kettle and pour into molds.

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