Hi Noah,
You have a great website.....thank you for sharing it.
I'd like to know how to adjust a Jiffy package of a cornbread recipe to be made in a microwave. I'm sending it to someone that's in the military and they only have the use of a microwave. Do you increase or decrease the water and baking time?
Thank you,

Dear Debby,
I have a microwave but I never use it for cooking. It's great to warm leftover food and to make a cup of hot water. My suggestion is to make a test if you have a microwave. This is the best advice I can provide you. Maybe some of my friends that I will BCC can help you. The following recipe is the best way to cook Jiffy, but you need a conventional oven.

Jiffy Corn Bread
1 pkg. Jiffy corn muffin mix

1 pkg. Jiffy yellow cake mix

1/4 stick butter

Prepare corn muffin mix according to directions on package. In a separate bowl, prepare cake mix according to directions on package. Carefully fold the muffin mix into the cake mix until well blended.

Heat a heavy iron skillet in a 425 degree oven. Remove skillet from oven very carefully to avoid burns, dot bottom of pan with butter and spread around sides and bottom of pan as it melts. Pour in desired amount of batter. Large amount makes a softer cornbread. I use only about half the batter as we like a crispy crust on our cornbread. I then use the remaining batter for corn muffins, which I then freeze after they are baked.

Serve hot, with butter. Taste is sweeter than most cornbreads, and a sure hit!

NOTE: Regular baking pans may be used, but will not result in a crisp crust as an iron skillet.

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