Vegetarian Recipes From Deborah
Oven-Fried Tofu
Slice and drain regular tofu, NOT extra-firm. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and have a cookie sheet ready. Have ready two shallow dishes; one containing a soy-sauce & olive oil mixture, the other containing a mixture of cornmeal, a little whole-wheat flour, herbs and seasonings to your liking, but no salt. (I use: parsley, sage, thyme, pepper, garlic, chili powder.) The amounts will be determined by how many blocks of tofu are being prepared. Dip the slices first in the wet mix, then coat the slices well in the dry mix. Place them on the cookie sheet with a little space between each one. Bake for 15 minutes, then flip and bake another 12 minutes. This tofu is even better cold the next day, but do not seal the container tightly while cooling. Allow the condensation to escape.

Tofu "Egg" Salad

Another good tofu recipe is easier than egg salad 'cuz there's no eggs to boil and peel:
Drain a block of tofu, then squish it into a bowl and add all the stuff you like in egg salad - relish, paprika, salt, pepper.  Since I don't use mayonnaise, I make my tofu salad with either NAYONNAISE or just yellow mustard and a dribble of olive oil.

Vegetarian Tuna Salad
Another simple yummy recipe for tuna fish salad lovers uses TEMPEH in place of the tuna:
If the tempeh is precooked, grate it into a bowl. If it is not cooked, steam it for 20 minutes, let it cool, then grate it into the bowl. Then add what you like in tuna salad - chopped celery, salt, pepper, paprika. Again, I use NAYONNAISE. I also find that just a pinch of powdered kelp gives it a flavor that makes non-vegetarians swear it is tuna. Tofu is found in most major supermarkets now. Frozen Tempeh can sometimes be found in supermarkets, but more likely in a natural foods store. These are both soy products, tofu a cheese made from soymilk, tempeh being de-hulled, partially cooked soybeans inoculated with rhizopus oligosporus (spelling?) until it forms a cake, both delicious and wonderfully versatile, especially tofu as it is bland and adapts to all sorts of flavorings.

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