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Impeach George W. Bush

Mother Teresa

Brigadier General Harry B. 'Harry

Ernie Pyle

List of Famous Marines

Albert Einstein

John Philip Sousa

Bill Clinton

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Theodore Roosevelt

Super Bowl - Marine Athletes

San Diego's elegant Hotel Del Coronado

Square Dancing


History of Oil and Coal

New Year's Eve 2006

Christmas 2005

Native American Code Talkers

Baron von Dieter Arrives!

The History of Santa Claus

"A Date Which Will Live In Infamy"

December Lemons

Medal of Honor Winner Douglas A. Munro, USCG

Thanksgiving News 2005

Hero Postage Stamps Have Arrived

I'm Going To Be A New Father

Robert Eugene Bush Dies

General Gerald Carthrae Thomas

United States Marine Corps 230th Birthday

Hank Williams

The "Monkey Trial"



Iraq - In The Beginning...

The Great Depression

Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Iraq, & the Bush Gang

Wet/Dry Vote Results

Brigadier General Evans Fordyce Carlson

Labor Day 2005

General Louis H. "Lou" Wilson, Jr.

Invasion of Guadalcanal

Noah's 79th Birthday

SgtMaj John J. Nagazyna and Col. John Lucian Smith

History of Hurricanes in the Western Florida Panhandle 1559-1999

Autobiography of Vietnam Marine Donnie L. Shearer

Brief History of the United States Marine Corps

Independence Day 2005!

The History of Slaves in America

OSS Marine, Colonel Peter Julien Ortiz

U.S. Marine Commands an Army

Father's Day

First Day of Summer

United Nations

Flag Day

New U.S. Marine Coin

Jane Fonda, Tokyo Rose

Memorial Day May 30, 2005

"Mr. Marine" - "Mr. Leatherneck", Lou Diamond

The GI Bill of Rights

V-E Day, Victory in Europe

United States Marine Corps During the Civil War

Passover 2005

History of the Elks - BPOE

Vote Santa Rosa County "Wet"

Abe Lincoln - Ford Theatre

Living Will

Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945
Battle of Okinawa - World War II, The Final Turning Point in the Pacific

Heroes Honored on Postage Stamps

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy

Autobiography of WWll Marine Herman Shirley

Farm in Summertown

Valentine's Day

Tribute to Harold Shipp

The Life of Thomas Edison

Senator Robert Byrd, alleged former member of Ku Klux Klan

General George S. Patton


History of Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans

New Year's Resolutions

History of Christmas

All About Sex - Not X-Rated

The Great Depression

Remember Pearl Harbor

The Greatest Generation

The First Thanksgiving

Obsession with American freedom must continue

What happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

War Dogs in the Marine Corps in World War II

United States Marine Corps Happy 229th Birthday -
10 November 2004

We must remember our Veterans on 11 November 2004

Our young Americans are dying in Iraq for
ego of George W. Bush

The 2004 election is over – let's pray

Halloween - Trick or Treat

Daylight Savings Time

It's Election Time - Be a true American and vote

Conservative Republican Justices of US Supreme Court

Ex - Security Advisor Rips Bush Diplomacy

Vaccine Shortage Story Days before GOP Convention to Protect Bush

Why I will vote for John Kerry for President

Why this Republican ex-governor will be voting for Kerry

John Kerry's Record on African American Issues

John Kerry is Working for African Americans

Working Families Support John Kerry for President

Voting is an obligation, privilege, duty, and right

Columbus Day

George Bush Cannot Hide

Who woulda guessed? Military service among heavyweights

A remark made by Vice President Dick Cheney

Nuclear weapons will soon be in the hands of terrorists

Bush could not qualify to be water-boy for
George Washington

If you don't know whom to vote for - read my opinions

America's only heroes - war heroes

The Battle of Peleliu

Bush cannot be reelected - he was never elected

Hurricane Frances

Labor Day of 2004

2004 Republican Convention

The 28th Amendment

The First Republican National Convention

Kerry's Purple Heart In Question-Republicans "Wag The Dog" Again!

Noah Is A Tiger! - Noah's Chinese Astrology Profile

The Battle Of Okinawa - The End Of WWll

Pull Up Another Chair At The Captain's Table

National Conventions Have Changed Over The Years

History in the life of our next president - John Kerry

Part Of George W. Bush's Military History

It's term limit time for U.S. Congress

A bit of history about Lawrence County, Tennessee - My place of birth

The Declaration of Independence Action of Second Continental Congress

Historic Route 66, and A Bit Of History Now Being Made
Route 66 a.k.a. Main Street of America

Happy Father's Day

Bush's Iraq War is spreading like a wildfire

D-Day - Operation Overlord - June 6, 1944

Observe Memorial Day on May 31

Come aboard–Cooks tour at the Constitutional Convention

Armed Forces Day

Purple Heart – Oldest American Meritorious Service Medal

Mother's Day – make your mother Queen for a day

Beginning of the law in the United States

Some Folks Have No Listening Skills

God will be with you when you need Him

The World's First Submarine - Hunley Was a Killer of 40 Brave Men

Ceremony Honors Civil War Submarine

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