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2004 Republican Convention
Before expressing my political opinion once again, I am happy to report that I am on Cloud 9 regarding the great tribute that my lovely daughter Linda gave me on the front page of OUR website last week. Unfortunately, I have only one daughter, and I wish all the fathers of the world could experience from their daughters the love I have received all these years from Linda. I continue to be amazed at the love and compassion she gives me, and I would be lost without her never-ending advice when I request it. My website would still be down on "Ground Zero" without the help from Linda and her son (my grandson) Johnny. I keep asking Linda, "How did you get so smart?" She says, "I got it from your genes." With those words, I know she was only making me feel good. Many times in life we never express our love for family and friends until they are gone. On this "World Wide Web," I am not only telling it to my sweetheart lovely daughter Linda, I am telling it to the world. I love you, Linda, with all my heart - Dad

Republican National Convention
Aug. 29-Sept. 2

My name is Noah H. Belew, and I approve this message:

The committee of the Republican Party has selected New York City for their national convention. It has been a century and a half since they were last there.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush as our president, we have had many lives lost, including; the World Trade Center and two unjust wars that we don't know how to exit. We have had a depressed economy; more than a million people have lost jobs, the American dollar has collapsed, our healthcare system is in crisis, millions of children have been left behind, and our nation is bankrupt. I know a conservative when I see one, and George W. Bush is LIBERAL with the way he has blown our borrowed money. A compassionate-conservative, George W. Bush is not.

Bush says, "When it comes to creating jobs for American workers, we've turned the corner, and we're not turning back."

Senator John Kerry says that Bush wants us to believe "we have turned the corner" in creating jobs for American workers. The truth is, we have more than a million fewer jobs today than we did when Bush took office. Bush knows this is the truth, but wants you to believe he has made great progress in creating jobs. Bush promised that his tax cuts for the rich would produce six million new jobs, but the economy has actually suffered a net loss of more than one million jobs. In other words, Bush is seven million jobs short of what he promised (source: www.uswa.org/uswa/program/content/1387.php ).

Since George W. Bush moved into the White House, he has been on vacation about half of the time, and for the past year and a half he has been running all over the country lobbying support for reelection on Nov. 2. The purpose of this activity has been to promote George W. Bush's image, not to help the country by providing leadership. With his recent visit to Pensacola, Fla., he got in our way by restricting our highway driving, and it cost the taxpayers about $50,000 for his security.


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