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(Archive - Week of November 19, 2005)

Father and Son!

New baby was born!
Baron von Dieter

Even though I was born when Republican Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States, I survived the Great Depression, battles of World War II, and the Korean War before I retired from the United States Marine Corps more than four decades ago, I have news for you. I am still producing.  At this year of 2005, I am now a new father. I see no limit of what a US Marine can do. My young son, Baron von Dieter, was born on Oct. 2. For two years I have waited patiently for another son and playmate for Sir Winston of Churchill V. My two sons are half brothers - having the same mama.

Sir Winston of Churchill V

Baron von Dieter
BREEDER: Gina Pierce - Mobile, Ala.
Home phone # 251-645-9912