(Archive - Week of November 6, 2004)

Our young Americans are dying in Iraq for ego of
George W. Bush

The message below was emailed to me from a friend, and I agree totally with his opinion. As we all know the U.S. Marines have been in many war battles defending our country since 1775, but the American military should not have died fighting George W. Bush Iraq War.

“What a waste of our young men and women. Not one death in Iraq was necessary. They were sacrificed in vain as Bush pretended they were fighting to make the U.S. safer. They are now being sacrificed in vain as Bush pretends he is bringing liberty/freedom to Iraq. They are being sacrificed in vain as Bush blasphemes God by inanely repeating ‘Liberty is God's gift to the world.' Flip Wilson used to say, ‘The Devil made me do it.' Bush is implying that ‘God made me do it.' This has become the excuse for sacrificing our young men after all the original excuses (WMD, Iraq connections with terrorists, Iraq is a threat to the U.S.) have all been proven false.

Our military men and women are brave and patriotic. They are true heroes. This does not change the fact that their bravery, patriotism, and heroism is being misused by our leaders. It does not change the sad, ugly fact that every death of one of these heroes has been a death that served no purpose.”

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