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(Archive - Week of December 10, 2005)

Breaking News!!

The new baby has arrived!
Sir Winston's baby brother has arrived
just in time for Christmas!

Baron von Dieter

What is happiness? It's having a newborn in your house at Christmas time.

Today, December 10, I have Baron von Dieter in my arms and in my Florida home. He is the half brother of my two-year-old son Sir Winston of Churchill V. They have the same mother.

No matter how cold the weather gets at night, I can count on my two little sons to keep me warm and safe.

This is my Christmas present to me. I agreed to pay the breeder $1,000 for him (this is the same price as I paid for Sir Winston two years ago).

Baron von Dieter was born on Oct. 2. His weight is 1 pound, but is expected to weigh 4 pounds when he is grown. Sir Winston is now 4 pounds - 4 ounces.

I will be a happy camper during the Christmas and New Year holiday season, and I hope yours are the same.

A proud and happy father,

Baron von Dieter



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