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Bush's Iraq War is spreading like a wildfire

We have a George W. Bush War that he cannot stop. It's spreading like a wildfire. Our land armed forces should not have been there to start with, because Iraq was not the right target – they played no part in 9-11-01 , and that nation had no weapons that would destroy the world as, Bush claimed they had.

We know where we are now – in a war that has no end. It's easy to start a fight, but most of them are not a cakewalk to stop. Every day it appears to get worse, and more Americans are sent home in body-bags.

It destroys my brain when I think how the Bush Administration could fail so miserably in the planning of the war and the disaster plan to get out, and we failed in the treatment of prisoners of war. It was done the same as that of Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, and others. Our conduct is inexcusable.

What do we do now? Declare victory and go home! We do not need a brainy person to tell us that all nations need a democracy form of government, as Bush and his come-along people are striving for and our military personnel are dying for. Example, I was a U.S. Marine station in China when it was a democracy under Chiang Kai-shek, and it didn't work. Look at what China is today under a different form of government. The United States is a super power, China follows close behind.

It has been my experience that when I made constructive criticism about a person or a subject, I should follow with my opinion of a solution. This is mine: Let the heads fall, and do it now. Rumsfeld needs to go, as his Assistant Defense Secretary Wolfowitz. Secretary of State Powell is not effective. He has said “yes sir” much too long. Dick Cheney should be kept in the back room and out of the loop. The list goes on with high ranking military officers such as generals and some members of the CIA, also some civilian contractors who are part of the problem.

I firmly believe that Rumsfeld and his associates should be responsible for strategic the blunders in the George W. Bush War, which was approved by Bush. It's too late to start the impeachment process on Bush for invading Iraq, which has killed about 800 great Americans and leaving more than 4,000 injured - some with no legs and arms. However, it's not too late to force Bush to fire Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell and others in his cabinet.

You have until November 2 to make up your mind. Do you want to re-elect Bush who has been our problem for 4 years, or do you want to elect John Kerry who will find a solution to getting our young men and women back home? Kerry will also find jobs for those who are unemployed and give us a balanced budget.

At the present time, Bush has more of our armed forces overseas protecting other nations than we have at home protecting America. And he has no peace plan or exit plan to respectfully get out of Iraq.


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