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Happy Father's Day

Noah's Father,
George Lonnie (Lon) Belew

On Sunday, June 20 is Father's Day. The first Father's Day celebration was held on June 19, 1910 - almost to the day 94 years ago. William H. Taft was president of the United States. The idea originated with Mrs. John Bruce Dodd, and was promoted by the Ministerial Association, and the YMCA of Spokane, Washington.

President Calvin Coolidge made it official in 1924. It is now observed on the third Sunday in June. The rose is the official Father's Day, a white rose for remembrance, a red rose for the living.

Father's Day is special to us fathers, but this day was never a big thing in the holidays that we observe. It is not an official holiday as is Mother's Day. In most cases, fathers are wished a happy Father's Day in person or by phone. Perhaps a card is sent and even a hug is delivered. I am not complaining, however; maybe that's all we should expect.

Children! May I suggest what your father might enjoy on his day. Since Father's Day falls on Sunday, it would be nice if you didn't make noise so he could sleep in. When he does arise, serve him his morning juice, his favorite coffee and bring him his newspaper. His favorite breakfast should be served when he's ready for it, and it would be nice if it's brought to his bedside. Let him know that he is a VIP.

It would be music to his ears to hear you say, "thanks daddy for being the best daddy in the world." Since it's Sunday and his special day of the year, let him have full and total possession of the TV for the day so he can view his favorites programs, baseball games, news, etc.

Serve him a cold glass of lemonade, hot coffee, or beer during the day. Southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, some fresh vegetables, and hot rolls would be acceptable for dinner. Don't forget his favorite wine. Make your father King for the day. You'll never be sorry for doing it.

My father, George Lonnie (Lon) Belew, died in 1943. His year of birth - 1892, in Lawrence County - Benjamin Harrison was president of the United States. I miss my father today as much as I did the day he died. I am proud to say that I have three great children; I have almost a baseball team of grandchildren and almost a basketball team of great-grandchildren.

Happy Father's Day.

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