(February 1, 2005)


This picture was made in about 1961 or '62 at the Army Pictorial Center, Long Island City, New York. I think it was a presentation of an achievement award from the Army. From left to right, is Cpl. John Olsen, who later was promoted to the rank of Major. In the center, is me (Noah), and next to me on my left is Sgt. Harold Shipp, who later was promoted to E-9.

With sadness, I regret to announce the passing of retired U.S. Marine, Harold Shipp aka Mayor Harold Shipp, Bogue, N.C. He passed away this morning surrounded by family and prayers.

I had the privilege of serving with Harold in the United States Marine Corps. He was a kind and generous gentleman, a great Christian, a super family man, an outstanding Marine, and he will not be soon forgotten by those who knew and admired him.

I send my deepest sympathy and
my warm personal regards to Harold's family.

Harold Shipp

Harold was a straight shooter, gung ho Marine, and he was a true Christian. Harold did not have orders to go to the Korean War because he was not yet 18, but he found a way to get there. He went AWOL from his stateside unit and became a stowaway on a Navy ship going to the war zone. Upon his arrival, he was allowed to fight and not face the AWOL charge. He got shot in the leg and the field Army doctor wanted to remove his leg. He said, NO, send me to a Navy hospital ship so I can get the opinion of a navy doctor. The Navy doctor did surgery on his leg and he never had a problem with it.

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