(Archive - Week of August 21, 2004)

Silver and Bronze Stars make
John Kerry a war hero

A lot of manure has been spread around by diehard, rightwing, conservative Republicans regarding the Purple Hearts that were awarded to John Kerry and are imbedded in his Navy record book. Many folks are downright ignorant about the Purple Heart.

A Purple Heart is not given to military personnel because it is earned or for accomplishing some heroic act on the battlefield, it given because of an injury to the body that was made by the enemy. Most of us who fought in battles did our very best not to receive a Purple Heart. Sometimes the injury is serious enough to prevent happiness for a lifetime.

It is nothing to write home about when injury occurs. Many war heroes have lost arms, legs, eyes, hearing, lives, and the Purple Heart did not fix anything. What we need to understand by listening to all the stupid rhetoric made my lunatics regarding the Purple Heart(s) is that Kerry was on the battlefield risking his life for his country. He was not like George W. Bush in Texas or Alabama alleged to be AWOL while in the Texas National Guard.

Young John Kerry could have avoided the Vietnam draft like thousands of others, but he volunteered to go, not once, but he volunteered to go again. Less than one-half of 1 percent of Navy personnel fight a war on land, and that is where the danger is waiting for them. Kerry fought on a riverboat where there were no rocks or buildings to hide behind. Don't the Republicans understand what he did? They should hide their heads in shame.

John Kerry is a war hero, and his Silver and Bronze Stars confirm that. John Kerry is eligible to join the VFW; George W. Bush is not.


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