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John Kerry is Working for African Americans

John Kerry is Holding President Bush Accountable for His Poor Civil Rights Record – John Kerry is traveling the country to hold President Bush accountable for his lack of leadership for civil rights.

John Kerry, one of the candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency said, "The Bush administration continues a disturbing pattern of using the rhetoric of diversity as a substitute for real progress on a civil rights agenda." [Financial Times, 1/17/03]

Kerry Outscores All Other Candidates in Latest NAACP Report Card – Of the six current members of Congress running for President, only John Kerry had a 100% ranking in the NAACP's 107th Legislative Report Card. Unlike the other candidates, John Kerry was the only person to support the NAACP position in every one of the 33 key votes in the report card. The NAACP's key votes ranged from health care and education to election reform and opposition to the nomination of John Ashcroft. [http://www.naacp.org/work/washington_bureau/107thcongress.pdf]

Kerry Worked to End Reagan Policies to Pro-Apartheid Government in South Africa – Just after John Kerry came to the U.S. Senate, he joined the bipartisan effort to end the Reagan Administration's policy of engagement with the pro-Apartheid government in South Africa. “Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., called the administration's policy, known as constructive engagement, 'a totally unacceptable form of trickle-down civil rights'.''

John Kerry cosponsored and voted for the South African Sanctions, Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 and introduced legislation to further punish the racist policies of South Africa in the mid-1980's. The Senate, in an unanimous voice vote, “adopted an amendment by Sen. John Kerry that would ban the importation of tobacco from South Africa until that country lifts its restrictions on press coverage of political unrest there.” [1986, S. 2570; Senate Roll Call Vote #252; 99th Congress, S.Amdt. 1143; UPI, 3/7/85; Los Angeles Times, 11/23/85]

Kerry Supports the Supreme Court's Michigan Decision for Diversity in Higher Ed - John Kerry strongly opposed the Bush Administration's efforts to end affirmative action in higher education. And was one of just a few U.S. Senators to sign a legal brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, which urged the “Court to uphold the University of Michigan's affirmative action policies in student admissions.” Despite the best efforts of the Bush Administration, the Supreme Court ruled on behalf of allowing diversity in higher education. Of the decision Kerry said, “The Court confirmed that states have a compelling interest in promoting a diverse student body and joined major companies, university Presidents and retired Generals in stating that diversity is truly important.” [Times-Picayune, 2/22/03; Kerry for President press release 6/23/03]

John Kerry: Job Creation a Top Priority for the American Economy – John Kerry has made job creation and economic growth his top priority and he has pledged to replace each of the more than 3 Million jobs lost under the Bush Administration within the first 500 days of taking office. [Washington Times, 6/1/03]

Kerry's YouthBuild Program Provides Educational Opportunities for At-Risk Youths –In 1992, John Kerry successfully created the national YouthBuild program, based upon the state model, which provides additional educational opportunities for at risk youth and Kerry has worked to expand the program so that more children may benefit. Of the program, Kerry said, “YouthBuild, both in Massachusetts and at the national level, has proved enormously successful at providing at-risk adults with educational opportunities…and I pledge to continue my fight for the simple and successful and commonsense investment in the future of a generation of Americans." [102nd Congress, S.1100; Office of Senator Kerry Press Release 1/28/99]

Kerry Strongly Opposes Nomination of Charles Pickering to Federal Court – John Kerry has stood up against President Bush's nomination of Charles Pickering to a lifetime position on the Federal Court of Appeals. Regarding the nomination, In opposing the nomination, John Kerry described Pickering as, “A judge who thinks our hate-crime penalties are too tough.  Who tried to cut the sentence of a convicted cross-burner.  I would say, respectfully, Charles Pickering's appointment is a slap in the face to every American who truly cares about civil rights and justice." [http://africanamericans.com/ JohnKerryMLKDay2003.htm]


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