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New Year's Resolutions

Since the New Year is approaching and a time for new beginnings, many people make New Year's resolutions. They are promises to themselves that they will do better in some respects than they have before. It is said to be bad luck to break a new year's resolution, so be careful when making one. New Year's Resolutions were once promises made to the gods, in the hope that the gods would grant some favor in return, such as a good harvest.

Before making my New Year's Resolution this year, I want to put some thought into what I will do to celebrate this New Year. Even at my age I am not too old to party. However, I will prearrange a designated driver to bring me home - hopefully, it will be a female driver. Some women can be good drivers and they do other things that men like.

This year I will only make one New Year's Resolution. It's the same that I made last year and broke. I want to reapply all my effort to lose some weight. I have long ago stopped smoking, still have a drink or two, and I have stopped chasing women unless I see them running down hill. At my age, that will be the only way I can catch them. 

When the Apple drops in Time Square, then the USA moves into the New Year of 2005!

MY GOAL: I am 40 pounds in excess of one-eighth of a ton. I am 6'1" so I hide it pretty well, but really there's no way I should weigh 250+.  Over the past 23 years since I retired from the workplace, my weight has gone from 200 pounds to what it is today. So on Jan. 1, 2005, my plan is to gradually get myself under 200 pounds and then under 190. If I could do that, I would be happy to buy myself a new wardrobe of clothing.

I will have to change some things to make this happen. I have already decided to change one thing. I'm going to eat breakfast. This might seem a bit weird but bear with me.  According to experts you're supposed to eat three square meals per day and avoid munching in between. In the past, I hardly ever ate breakfast.  Sometimes I eat lunch, but often I just graze like a cow during the day. Then I eat dinner, and I keep grazing.  Maybe if I eat breakfast I'll avoid grazing so much, and that will help.

I know - "what a stupid blog post.  Who cares about my weight or my eating habits?" But I figure a bit of public pressure can't hurt. From time to time I'm going to post my progress, and you can make fun of me.  We'll see what happens. This is one reason why it's so great having a web site, I can say what comes to mind and let the wide world read it.

Happy New Year: If you drink, don't ride your mule...

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