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Happy New Year 2006!
Let's get the ball rolling with New Year's Eve Parties & Cocktails
It is once again time to bring in the New Year. Most say that New Years Eve is the night for amateurs. Well, I don't want anyone reading this to be accused of that! Here's a few tricks that you can use to make you the life of the party.

Just in case you aren't at Times Square, you could always host your own cocktail party with party hats and favors .

The first thing you'll need to start the evening is a good base in your stomach. The 1934 edition of "Tom and Jerry's Bartender's Guide" suggests; "eating a cold can of tomatoes, drinking a quart of milk, a plate of green pea soup, drinking a can of highly seasoned tomato juice, a pony of olive oil, or a quantity of moderately broiled bacon." I suggest not drinking on an empty stomach! It is good to snack all night long and hors d'oeuvres make the evening a lot more special than chips and dips. They are easier to prepare and serve than you may think.

Try to stick with one type of alcohol. Mixing more than one or two different types over taxes your liver.

Don't forget to brush up on some toasts ! You never know what occasion you may have to dazzle them with your wit.

What will we be drinking? Wassail is an age old New Years tradition. You could find a few cocktail recipes or pop the cork for one of these Champagne Cocktails.
    Dash of Bitters & Simple Syrup, Champagne Put dashes in Champagne glass, Fill with champagne, Garnish with a twist
    3/4 oz. Creme de Cassis, Champagne Pour creme de Cassis in bottom of Wine glass or flute, Fill with champagne, Garnish with a twist
    Champagne, Orange Juice In Champagne glass, Fill about 1/4 with orange juice, Fill rest with Champagne, Garnish with a orange wedge
    Champagne, Orange Juice, 1/2 oz. Triple Sec Fill Champagne glass 3/4 with champagne, Add orange juice & triple sec, Garnish with an orange wedge

Now for the morning after... Start your morning off in style with Eggs in Champagne Sauce . Even if you followed my advice for eating all night long & not mixing spirits, you may over indulge yet & just may find yourself waking up with a hangover. Here's a bit of hangover help to crash on the couch & watch the Tournament of Roses with. Then when you're feeling a wee bit better, you'll want to cook up a traditional lucky recipe, like Hoppin' John made with black eyed peas ! Eat! It will make you feel better.

My New Year's resolution and my words of wisdom with my best Iraq exit plan
CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq (Dec. 2, 2005)

Lance Cpl. John A. McLaughlin sits next to a portrait painted on a wall of Saddam Hussein, here Dec. 3. McLaughlin, as well as thousands of other Marines from 2nd Marine Logistics Group, deployed to Camp Taqaddum, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. McLaughlin is a field radio operator with Headquarters and Service Company, 2nd MLG (FWD).
Photo submitted 12/03/2005 Taken by Lance Cpl. Joel Abshier

If the power of the American armed forces was invested in me, I would implement the following exit plan from Iraq and the United States of America would regain respect from other nations once again:

This is the third New Year that our young men and women have being fighting and dying in the God forsaken place called Iraq . Even in baseball, three strikes and you are out. Consider the words of George W. Bush, "Bring them on and stay the course" as he enjoys the good safe life in Crawford , Texas during the holiday season.

George W. Bush Iraq War was flawed from the beginning. We should have never been there to start with. Iraq played no part in 911. Iraq was the wrong target. With Bush's lunatic decision to attack Iraq, he stirred up a hornets nest.

Osama bin Laden is responsible for the 911 disaster and he is still free. Bush now says, "I don't think of him often." Invading Iraq was all about oil and his remark, "Saddam tried to kill my daddy." This war cannot be won. Iraq will never become a government of democracy.

What has Bush's War cost us so far?

  • About 2,200 young American men and women sent home in body-bags.
  • About 20,000 wounded, many with no arms, legs or eyes.
  • More than 50,000 innocent Iraqi citizens killed or wounded, many were women and children.
  • With Bush calling the shots, our nation is bankrupted. A billion dollars each week is going down the deep-dark-hole supporting Bush's War.

My plan was written long before it was announced right before Christmas by the Secretary of Defense that a few American troops would leave Iraq in the Spring:
Transfer 10,000 American troops from Iraq to Kuwait. The ones who have been in Iraq the longest. If they should be needed back in the war zone, they could be back in Iraq within hours.

After one month, send the 10,000 troops stationed in Kuwait , to the United States , and transfer another 10,000 longtime troops from Iraq to Kuwait for one month. And this plan would continue each month through the year of 2006.

At the end of the year, only about 40,000 American troops would still be in Iraq. It had been said over and over that the Iraqi troops are not trained for combat. If they are not trained after more than two years, they will never be trained. At the age of 17, I was trained by the United States Marine Corps for combat duty in only 13 weeks. I fought the enemies of three nations, Japan, Communist North Korea and China.  

After a mother bird raises her baby birds until they are old enough to fly, she kicks them out of the nest and tells them to fly or else. When the Iraqi military knows that most of the American troops will be out of Iraq at the end of 2006, they will learn to fight or die.

At age of 17 while standing in front of Col. Lewis B. 'Chesty' Puller shaking in my combat shoes, I was asked by Chesty if I could kill the enemy? He went on to say, "You better kill him or he will kill you." I became a man in a hurry.

May God bless all in the American armed forces you are indeed the very best in the world. My thanks to each one of you for your sacrifice to the United States of America.

It's been said that I could plant a 2x4 and make it grow

My dear beloved mother was born on Dec. 30, 1896, and she lived for 90 years.  She died on Flag Day, June 14, 1987.

My mother taught me everything about surviving and other things while I was a teenager before I left  home at age of 14. I ran-away from home because my father would not let me go to high school -- his reason, I was needed as a worker in the hilly-rocky farm of Barnesville, Lawrence County, Tenn.

In those 14 years, I learned how to survive in the Great Depression by digging in the soil and making things grow. As you see from the photo made in the kitchen of my home in Gulf Breeze, Fla., I learned a great lesson from my mom.

This picture was made on Dec. 29, 2005, and you will see giant size lemons, bell pepper, tobacco peppers and green tomatoes. Not one person in Northwest Panhandle of Florida have my recipe to grow fruit in front yards during the winter months. It has been said that I can plant a 2x4 and make it grow.

New Year's Eve at the
Hotel Del Coronado

If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve right, do it at the Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, California - across the Bay from San Diego. Thomas Edison was the Chief Electrician on the building of this marvelous hotel. 

New York City Times Square is commonly known as the place to celebrate the coming New Year. I have been to both, but Hotel Del Coronado is the very best. You can indulge in all you want of the best cocktails you've ever had, and do it in the Grand Ball room, big band music, excellent food, and later stager to your King/Queen room/suite as a happy camper. I will write a full story about this hotel for my Web site in late January.

If it's good enough for Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis, then it's good enough for you and me! The 'Hotel Del' is simply one of the most beautiful hotels in the country. It's a National Historic Landmark dating back to the late 19th century. Over the years, it has been expanded and modernized, but it's never last its distinctive character and charm.

The Rise of Adolph Hitler,
Gun Control Pioneer

Adolph Hitler was a pioneer in modern methods of gun control and population control

NOAH'S NOTE: On this New Year of 2006, I go back in history of the world beginning in 1926, the year of my birth. Most of the world experienced bad times during the Great Depression of the 1920s and '30s. However, it was good times for Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler described the quiet years between 1926 and 1929 as one of the happiest times of his life. In the scenic mountains above the village of Berchtesgaden in the German state of Bavaria, he found an ideal home. He spent his days gazing at inspiring, majestic mountain views and dreaming of future glory for himself and his German Reich.      

Those dreams centered around asserting the supremacy of the Germanic race, acquiring more living space (Lebensraum) for the German people, and dealing harshly with Jews and Marxists.           By May of 1926, Hitler had overcome any remaining rivals within the Nazi Party and assumed the title of supreme leader (F?hrer). Ideological differences and infighting between factions of the Nazi Party were resolved by Hitler through his considerable powers of personal persuasion during closed door meetings with embattled leaders.

The party itself experienced slow growth, numbering only about 17,000 in early 1926. Hitler had been forbidden to speak in public until 1927 by the Bavarian government. He was still on parole, facing the possibility of being deported back to his Austrian homeland.

Much to his advantage, however, he enjoyed a following among upper class socialites who were strangely drawn to this charismatic but socially awkward man. Hitler delighted in their attention and their money. He wound up with a brand new red Mercedes in which he was chauffeured around the Bavarian countryside taking in the sights with his Nazi companions.

During these quiet years, Joseph Goebbels first came to Hitler's attention and experienced a quick rise in the Nazi hierarchy. Goebbels, a brilliant but somewhat neurotic would-be writer, displayed huge talents for speech making, organizing, and propaganda. He was a rarity among the Nazis, a highly educated man, with a Ph.D. in literature from Heidelberg.

Goebbels was a little man, about five feet tall, who walked with a limp as a result of infantile paralysis. He kept a diary which reveals how quickly he became infatuated with Hitler.

"Great joy. He greets me like an old friend. And looks after me. How I love him!" - Goebbels wrote after his second meeting with Hitler.

But this 'love' was tempered by ideological differences. Goebbels belonged to the Nazi faction led by Gregor Strasser that actually believed in the 'socialism' of National Socialism and had sympathy for Marxism, a sentiment totally unacceptable to Hitler.

In his diary, Goebbels describes his reaction to a meeting in which Hitler attempted to straighten him out.

"We ask. He gives brilliant replies. I love him. Social question. Quite new perspectives. He has thought it all out...He sets my mind at rest on all points. He is a man in every way, in every respect. Such a firebrand, he can be my leader. I bow to the greater man, the political genius!"

And later, after spending a few days with Hitler at Berchtesgaden...

"These days have signposted my road! A star shines leading me from deep misery! I am his to the end. My last doubts have vanished. Germany will live. Heil Hitler!"

Goebbels was sent by Hitler in October 1926, to the German capital, Berlin, to be its Gauleiter. Once there, he faced the huge task of reorganizing and publicizing the largely ignored Nazi Party.

Berlin proved to be a training ground for the future Propaganda Minister. He skillfully used good and even bad publicity to get the party noticed. He organized meetings, gave speeches, published a newspaper, plastered posters all over neighborhoods, and provoked confrontations with Marxists. The party membership grew.

But problems arose after Nazi storm troopers badly beat up an old pastor who heckled Goebbels during a Nazi rally. The police declared the party illegal in Berlin and eventually banned Nazi speech making throughout the entire German state of Prussia.

The ban was short-lived however. It was lifted in the spring of 1927. Hitler then came to Berlin and gave a speech before a crowd of about 5000 supporters.

On May 20, national elections were held in Germany. The Nazis had a poor showing, although Goebbels won a seat in the Reichstag. For the average German, the Nazis at this time had little appeal. Things seemed to be just fine without them. The economy was strong, inflation was under control, and people were working again.

Adolf Hitler was simply biding his time, knowing it would not last. At Berchtesgaden, Hitler finished dictating the second volume of Mein Kampf to Rudolph Hess. In the summer of 1928, Hitler rented a small country house with a magnificent view of the Bavarian mountains. Years later this would be the site of his sprawling villa.

Now, at age 39, Hitler had a place he could finally call home. He settled into the little country house and invited his step sister, Angela, to leave Vienna and come to take over the daily chores. Angela arrived along with her two daughters, Friedl and Geli.

Geli was a lively twenty year old with dark blond hair and Viennese charm, qualities that were hugely appealing to a man nearly twice her age. Hitler quickly fell in love with her. He fawned over her like a teenager in love for the first time. He went shopping with her and patiently stood by as she tried on clothes. He took her to theaters, cafes, concerts and even to party meetings.

This relationship between Hitler and his niece was for the most part socially acceptable according to local customs since she was the daughter of his half sister.

It was a relationship that would ultimately end in tragedy a few years later with her suicide. But for now, in late 1929, she existed as the object of Hitler's affection.

In another part of the world, Wall Street in New York, events were happening that would bring an end to this quiet time for Adolf Hitler and would ultimately help put the Nazis in power in Germany.

On October 29, the Wall Street stock market crashed with disastrous worldwide effects. First in America, then the rest of the world, companies went bankrupt, banks failed and people instantly lost their life savings.

Unemployment soon soared and poverty and starvation became real possibilities for everyone.

The people panicked. Governments seemed powerless against the worldwide economic collapse. Fear ruled. Governments stood on the brink. The Great Depression had begun.

Adolf Hitler knew his time had come.



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