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Noah is a Tiger!

By now you've probably had the opportunity to become acquainted with Noah (my dad) through his web site stories, and some of you know him personally and from his columns in the newspaper. This week, for fun, in honor of his birthday week, we will take a peek into Noah's personality via Chinese astrology.

You might wonder how such a pragmatic thinker like my dad would allow a Chinese astrology story to be posted on his web site. Well, like all brilliant people, my dad lives with an open mind and a desire to learn and consider all possibilities. He believes in freedom of speech, whether it pertains to Chinese astrology or political rhetoric. I was surprised, at first, by my father's reaction to Chinese astrology when I called him ten years ago for advice:

While I was living in Los Angeles and writing for a local newspaper distributed through the L.A. Times, my editor and I went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. During lunch, I casually mentioned details of the ancient Chinese philosophy, explaining that I had studied Chinese astrology intensely for 15 years. She was amazed and intrigued by my accuracy in detail, and asked me to begin writing a weekly column for the newspaper based on the subject. Of course I declined the assignment, after all, how could I possibly expose this empirical side of myself to the public. I feared that my credibility as a reporter would be ruined. My editor, however, disagreed with my fear, and for the next two weeks continued to pester me about writing the column.

Finally, I telephoned my dad in Florida. I told him about the offer and asked him to advise me. I suppose I expected him to tell me not to do it, maybe even hoping he would tell me not to do it. Then I would feel secure in my refusal to accept the opportunity. To my surprise, he instantly advised me to write the column. He told me not to worry about my credibility, just do it.

I took my dad's advice, and it opened the gate to a path that I never imagined. The column was an overnight success. I began receiving more mail than the newspaper had ever generated from any column. I was invited by a local politician (Republican) to be a guest on his Los Angeles radio talk show. After that, the radio station gave me my own three-hour, weekly talk show. I later appeared regularly on Los Angeles cable TV talk shows. My credibility as a reporter was never tarnished—my dad was right. In fact, because of the increased public visibility, I received more opportunities for work with newspapers and magazines as a business and government writer and editor than I ever imagined.

Just as my father's decisive and fearless attitude helped guide me, his character and attitude has guided him. From his life as a youth in the hills of Tennessee, through the battles of wars, and throughout his career, he has been bold and fearless; he fights for what he knows is right and fair (I recommend that you ask him about the time he went nose-to-nose with Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, narrowly avoiding a fistfight in the Oval Office).

Through his lifetime, my dad has shared his strength with people in need whenever asked, and he'll stand up and fight for what's right in situations where others would cower in fear or intimidation. We can rightfully speculate that his character blossomed through his life's experiences. However, the timing of his of birth, as it pertains to astrology, provided a large part of the foundation of his personality.

Through Chinese astrology, we can predict the basic characteristics one will possess and develop throughout their life. This information is based on the moon's influence on the Earth. It is determine by referring to the lunar calendar—the same calendar used for producing the Farmer's Almanac.

Oceanographers will tell you that they have scientifically proven the moon's influence on oceans, rivers, currents, tides, etc. In fact, it is scientifically proven that all water is influenced by the moon's pull—even a glass of drinking water. Therefore, the moon influences everything on this planet containing water. The human body contains nearly 80% water, so it is no surprise that the moon has an influence on us.

My dad was born on August 11, 1926. He was born during the sign of Leo (August 11) in the year of the Tiger (1926). At the very beginning, we could have known that he would be a relentless fighter, powerful, fearless, and creative. Tigers possess a flare, they are rebellious, dynamic and passionate. They are fast runners, strong and coordinated athletes, smart and quick thinkers, and blunt critics with good intentions. Tigers cannot be contradicted without a fight to follow. The odd thing is, with all that fight in them, Tigers aren't born activists. They don't like to be pigeonholed into only one cause. They like to move and they appreciate variety. They are good warriors—they are crusaders of mankind. When they come across a good cause, they give it their all, then they move on to the next cause.

Tigers enjoy fun, too. Unlike those who were born in the year of the Ox who focus on work and career, Tigers like to play…and they play hard. They enjoy a good party and a fun game. They are lighthearted and silly, which is why it is not surprising that Hugh Hefner (Aries Tiger) continues to generate so much fun in his life!

Tigers like children and animals, and appreciate their faithful spirits and their guileless innocence. Tigers are energetic and need mental and physical stimulation, it is difficult for them to sit down and be still, especially as children. Tigers do very well with interactive learning, since they have an energetic and stimulated mind. They also need to be around people who can keep up with their energy. Tigers get bored if they have to sit idly or listen to long or monotone conversations.

Tigers have hot tempers, and when you combine Tiger with Leo, you have a leader who will not tolerate insubordination, laziness, or disloyalty. Leo Tigers know how something should be done, and they expect it to be done right and on time. Leo Tigers respect well-trained abilities, qualified authority, and intelligent reasoning—regardless of the person's social standing. A Leo Tiger will support and respect anyone who measures up to his or her assigned responsibilities, whether the person is a garbage collector or the President of the United States. Alternately, Leo Tigers do not tolerate or respect individuals who are unqualified to perform the services they are expected to provide. And Leo Tigers have no hesitation voicing a complaint. We may stand back, shake our heads, and gasp in disbelief over the Leo Tigers' blatant assertiveness, but we will most likely find ourselves cheering him on, after we catch our breath and recover from the shock.

A Leo Tiger appreciates quality in all things. He will gladly pay “top dollar” for a quality product, but don't try to pawn off a substandard product and expect the Leo Tiger to pay full price. Leo Tigers believe in fair play, so don't be surprised if the Leo Tiger pounces out, gunning for you if you try to cheat him. He will never cheat you, and God forbid you try to cheat him.

A Leo Tiger won't stand by and watch an unfair fight, he will stick his neck out for a righteous underdog. As odd as it may sound, these ferocious Tigers are actually very sensitive. As bold and resilient as they appear, a Leo Tiger can be crushed to the depths of their hearts, and they appreciate sympathy and understanding.

Noah - Age 14

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could know what a person needed to help them reach their greatest potential? Using astrology helps. A Leo Tiger is born with glowing charisma, and a powerful presence. You will definitely feel the presence of a Leo Tiger when he enters the room. With that kind of charisma, a Leo Tiger would shine as a personality in the public eye. A Leo Tiger is the type of person who would take stage and the rest of the cast would disappear. And if the Leo Tiger were also handsome, you would have a superstar on your hands.

The thing is, not many Leo Tigers actually want to become actors or TV personalities long-term. They view that as a fleeting career, unstable, and too risky for the limited outcome. Most Leo Tigers would be more interested in working behind the camera, as did my dad.

It sounds like a great deal of fun to live the life of Hugh Hefner (Aries Tiger), and I guess all men have thought about it at least once. Perhaps many people have the talent and the creativity to put those ideas into play - becoming extremely rich by publishing photos of nude women. My dad certainly would have had the talent and creativity. However, he also has an enormous sense of honor and self-respect. There would be no honor for him in earning money by selling photos of nude women. The fun and wild side of a Leo Tiger is capable of using his talents that way, but the honorable side presides in the personality of a Leo Tiger.

So, although I will bet my dad's “best Tennessee mule” that he does have a wild and crazy side, I would also bet he wouldn't trade the life he lived as a Marine for all the money in Hugh Hefner's bank account.

My dad has expressed a great deal of information through his newspaper columns over the years, and I love hearing him tell the stories from his past. He is one of the best storytellers on Earth. I hope through encouragement he will begin a new chapter on his creative path, and transition his writing skills from news and politics to memoirs and stories. No one can wrap words around an idea like my dad.

As a Leo Tiger, my dad was truly and ultimately born to be a communicator, a philosopher, a storyteller—a writer. This world is filled with amazing warriors and heroes, God bless them all; and I thank God for allowing me the privilege of knowing some of them. But only a few of those amazing warriors and heroes were born with the talent and destiny to survive the life of a warrior, and later communicate their journey with an entertaining brand of truth and unique eloquence.

My dad was born under a sign that offers him the foundation - the strength, heart, and destiny - to achieve and survive a warrior's life, and blessed with the talent and the ability to “tell a story.”

Happy Birthday, Dad!
Please write a book, you have a story, untold.

Love, Linda


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