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Vaccine Shortage Story Days before GOP Convention to Protect Bush
Back in late August on the eve of the GOP convention, the FDA was told by British Health officials that contaminated flu vaccines had been found and that a shortage of vaccine and delays in delivery were likely. The fact that the FDA had no backup plan would not have played well in Bush's "I keep America safe" routine so critical at the GOP convention. So what did the media do? Did it act in the interests of public health and safety? Nope. They acted, as ever, in the interests of G.W. Bush. Note the date of this BBC story: AUGUST 27.

Bush FDA Was Told of Flu Vaccine Shortage in AUGUST, But Covered it Up and did Nothing

Even this Pentapost story is a cover-up! The last paragraph states:

"British officials said there had been regular communication with the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since AUGUST 26, when Chiron announced it would delay releasing supplies of the vaccine because about four million doses had been tainted."

Yet now read this contradictory paragraph, which leads into the story:

"British health officials said Friday their U.S. counterparts were informed in MID-SEPTEMBER that problems at a drug-manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom could disrupt influenza vaccine supplies to the United States."

In short, the FDA knew since August that a vaccine shortage was likely - but the Blair government is trying to aid in the cover-up by claiming the US didn't "officially" know until mid-September - as if waiting a month instead of two months makes it less outrageous.

One Scary, Arrogant Little Man: Bush Refuses to Admit he's Ever Made a Mistake
William Rivers Pitt writes:

"Perhaps the most telling moment came when questioner Linda Grabel asked Bush, 'Please give three instances in which you came to realize you had made a wrong decision, and what you did to correct it.'

As with his April prime time press conference, in which he was asked a very similar question, Bush absolutely refused to admit to any errors in judgment, beyond a cryptic quip about mistakes in personnel appointments which he would not elaborate upon. He opened himself up to the judgment of history, a sad straddle given the simple fact that no president can avoid such a judgment. That was all he was willing to offer. Ms. Grabel did not hear about three mistakes. She did not even hear about one."

Bush is leaving flu vaccine problems for next year

George W. Bush has gone AWOL again regarding flu vaccine for the future years. Perhaps it doesn't bother him that thousands will die next year (mostly children and senior citizens) from the need of flu shots. A good president with the present wake-up call would have put plans in the works to get other companies to manufacture flu vaccine. Bush is too busy telling more lies and calling Sen. John Kerry a liberal.  

The flu vaccine shortage highlights two problems with the system used to manufacture flu vaccines: One is that the jab is mass-produced in millions of hen eggs - Chiron uses 100,000 a day at the peak of production. These have to be ordered months in advance, which makes it difficult to produce a fresh batch of vaccine at the last minute.

The second issue is that the vaccines are made by only one or two firms. This leaves the supply vulnerable to disruption if, as has happened in this case, one of the producers cannot meet demand. "We need more people making flu vaccine," says John Treanor, who evaluates novel vaccinations at the University of Rochester, New York.



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