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Santa Rosa County, Fla. voters have voted FOR the sales of wine and liquor. The voters that voted are to be commended and congratulations are in order to members if Grow Our Local Economy (GOLE) committee for developing a very good plan and implementing it.

The FOR vote 29,353 <>
The AGAINST vote 21,507.

I am as happy as a kid in a candy store that the FOR votes got it. However, I feel dishearten that so many so-called Americans did not vote. The ballots were mailed to their homes and all they had to do was mark the ballot, sign it, and mail it back to the sender.    

Even though 102,000 ballots were mailed to all registered voters, less than 50 percent voted. We live in a nation of democracy, and many have paid dearly for this freedom to vote. Those that did not vote and those 18-year-old men and women that have not registered to vote, should be kicked out of the United States of America.   

My father had no money during the Great Depression, not many people did, but he worked on the Lawrence County, Tenn. roads with pick and shovel, in order to get credit for paying his poll taxes.

I could not vote until I reached the age of 21, and my first vote was in the mid-40s for Harry S. Truman. I have voted in ALL elections since that date.

All citizens of Santa Rosa County can now hold their head high with pride and join the 99.99 percent of people in other counties in the United States of America.

This is how democracy works.

For those that received the ballots and did not vote, and for the people 18-years-old or older, that have not registered to vote, you can go to hell.

The 164-year DRY spell is over. I'll drink to that.

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