The First Military Wedding
Ever To Take Place In The Base Chapel
At Cherry Point, North Carolina

June 16, 1948
Sgt. Noah H. Belew & Miss Clara Jones
Chaplain Ralph A. Curtis performed the double ring ceremony




























































































































































































Noah - Philippines - mid '50s
"You can take the boy outta the country, but you kain't take the country outta the boy."

Noah filming President John F. Kennedy at the White House
Noah (center), North China - November 5, 1945
Philippines, 1957 - Noah (center)

Noah - 17 yrs. old - 1943
After Boot Camp

Shortly after this photo was taken, Noah shipped out to begin his combat military career fighting under the command of Chesty Puller as a member of the USMC 1st Marine Division. Noah's first war experience began during WWll at the Battle of Peleliu. After many weeks on Peleliu, he went on to fight in Okinawa, China, Pilippines, and Korea.

China - December 24, 1945 - Murphy, Casinelli, Belew (Noah), Morgan, Wallace

This page is a small collection of the many photos that my mother and grandmother kept in scrapbooks while my father was away at war.

I remember seeing many, many very interesting and historic photos and memorabillia of my father during wartime, and during the 1960s Kennedy/Johnson era. Unfortunately, many of the photos and memorabillia were misplaced following my mother's death. The photos on this page are all that remain.

Proudly, and respectfully, I offer them here for you.
______________ - Linda

1st Marine Division wartime Christmas dinner menu - 1951
Noah (front, right) inspected by the C. O., Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia
the day he retired - 1963
Okinawa 1945
Okinawa 1945
Noah - Korea, 1951-52
Marine Scrapbook